This is too much.

At the very beginning, I swear there was nothing, but someone has made something out of nothing.
So, I told myself that I wouldn’t let this stuff bring me down.
Unfortunately, things went so far.
Funny thing about that is…
no one asked me what’s going on, but everyone blamed me.
And now I have no idea why I feel like this will be the end of everything


OK, let me tell you what I’m dealing with.

…I’m in a trouble…

I can’t tell anyone but ‘someone’.
Then ‘someone’ turns out to be the one I couldn’t talk to anymore.
So I have no one to turn to, and nowhere to go.
Once I’ve tried my best to figure it out, not only it’s useless, it makes everything worse.
Therefore, I let it go, through my tears.
That’s the best and the only thing I can do now.

I wish I could disappear from here right now.
I’m nobody, for my words are too quiet to hear.
I’m the one to blame.
Finally, I don’t know anything anymore.


P.S. #1: I wrote an entry here not to ask for any sympathy, but I just wanted to tell this to somebody.
So I would feel like I’m not alone in the world.

P.S. #2: The song “Move along” saved me.

All American Rejects – Move Along [WITH LYRICS]


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