I met ‘a ghost’ when I was riding my bike.

It’s dark. It’s almost 9 pm when my best friend and I decided to ride our bikes in the rainfall back to our places.

Before we went on a bike trip, the chance of rain was 50%. It hadn’t rained yet, so we went on as we had planned – to have a dinner at Phra Athit Street. Then we were trapped in the heavy rain in the restaurant. Well, I thought it was actually a storm, because I could hear the sound of thunder, the big one. 

We had been waiting there in the restaurant, hoping it would rain slightly soon so that we could ride a bike back to our places. Having waited for almost two hours, we finally decided to go out with our bikes.

We were wet. Really wet. Riding a bike in the rain, we had to ride slowly and super carefully. The street in Bangkok is bad. But when it rained, it’s the worst. Apart from avoiding the manhole covers, we have to avoid the holds in the street with the dirty water filled in. Also, we had to be careful of many motorcycles that always jump the traffic lights.

It had been a long ride when it stopped raining. I think it’s more than 6 kilometers of riding. Everything was better, and I was getting more relaxed. My best friend was in front of me riding his bike, and I followed him. We always try to ride as close to the pavement as possible. I was thinking about the last intersection we passed where two cars jumped the lights, and were beeped by other cars in my lane. (Jumping the light is bad, but it’s what people always do here.)

And then, in front of me, I saw something wrong. What I saw was my best friend went under an arm. The long arm of a tall figure stretched out toward the street, waving up and down, slowly and steadily. “Is that a ghost?” I thought.

Then when I went at that point, the arm was still there, waving steadily above my head. I couldn’t help but screamed. I screamed out loud because I was so scared, and so sure that it was a ghost. (o.O)!!

Then that figure shouted, “Huhh?… What?!” I turned back and saw a man.

Oh my god!  That was a human, a tall and slender foreigner who tried to call a Taxi meter. I didn’t know what to do that moment, so “sorry” was the word I shouted back to him.

It’s too late. I rode my bike far away from him. My best friend turned to me and laughed, saying, “It’s alright.”

I wish he read this. I think he didn’t understand why on earth I screamed when I rode my bike pass him. Maybe he thinks I’m crazy. I should’ve said, “sorry, but I thought you were a ghost.” Oh! But that’s probably not a good idea.


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